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    There is no age to be Original.

    Designed so that small fry can explore Fatboy’s fun features, Junior is a smaller version of our one and only Original. Junior is available in a large selection of colours, trendy hues ranging from girly pink to petrol blue for real action men. Despite its diminutive size, Junior offers bags of fun: sit, recline, laze about, lounge around or get gaming on it –the possibilities for relaxation are endless because Junior is incredibly robust and adjusts perfectly to your body!

    With the Junior bean bag, a smaller version of the Original, even the youngest ones discover relaxation in the Fatboy way. The Junior is indestructible and perfectly matches your body. A mini-format for maximum experience thanks to its versatility.

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    • 40 x 50 in / 102 x 127 cm
    • 8 lbs / 3 kg
    • High-quality nylon
    • Filled with polystyrene
    • Water- and dirt repellent
    • Indoor
    • Refill is possible