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Slim Pop

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What do you get when you ask Carole Baijings, an internationally renowned designer with Dutch roots, to give her interpretation of Fatboy’s iconic beanbag? Right, a Slim Pop. A collection bursting with colours and shapes that can create a color statement in any interior.

What if the colours of a Slim Pop give a different impression, each time you look at it? With colours that have been specially designed and mixed for Fatboy, Baijings delivers a distinctive design statement by bringing 'A Pop of Colour' to every interior. When in use, the beanbags shapeshift in form and change the colour impression, leading to vivid a unique impression.

Merging Fatboy's DNA with Carole's interpretation leads to a colourful collection, with the Slim coming in three new, different patterns. Two of these patterns combine three colours, with a front side that is different from the backside. A third version contains two colours for a minimalistic look, where both front- and backside remain the same. The Original Slim is just as comfortable as the Fatboy Original beanbag but has a refined format (155 x 120 cm). This makes this beanbag suitable to be used anywhere in the home. The coated cotton canvas fabric brings a warm, homely feeling and is a perfect addition to Fatboy's indoor product range.

  • Indoor use only
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Filled in Canada
  • Machine washable cover
  • Water- and dirt repellent
  • Refill is possible
  • Designed by Carole Baijings
  • Size: 47" x 61" / 120 x 155cm
  • Weight: 12lbs / 5.5kg
  • For daily cleaning, wipe clean with a moist cloth or water and soap. Wash outerbag at 30°C. Wash inside out.
  • Do not place this product in, on, against, or near a heat source such as heating, a glass facade (window or sliding door) or a wall that is heated by the sun. Doing so may cause damage to the surface on which the product is placed.
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    Slim Pop, exclusive colours and shapes

    Slim Pop Hazel
    Slim Pop Frost
    Slim Pop Blossom

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