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    The cuddliest bunny in the world.

    Meet the cuddliest bunny in the world: CO9 XS Velvet. CO9 XS Velvet belongs to a special indoor collection made of luxury velvet.

    The velvet fabric gives existing Fatboy items, including CO9 XS, a new touch by cloaking them in a smooth and plush covering. CO9, pronounced as ‘co-nine’, is an iconic bunny that adds a joyful statement to any interior. Velvet is a delicate fabric which reflects light and therefore it gives CO9 XS a beautiful shimmer that lends a subtle nuance to every colour. Depending on the intensity and direction of the light, colours may appear lighter or darker, bringing a unique and vivid quality to this velvet bunny.

    CO9 XS Velvet is designed for indoor use and is available in different colours.


    • 70.8 x 59 x 19.7 in
      180 x 150 x 50 cm
    • 12 lbs / 5.5 kg
    • High-quality polyester
    • Filled with polystyrene
    • Indoor

    Vevet by fatboy

    A new kind of class

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