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    To set off your 1001-nights setting.

    This wireless new lantern is exactly what you need when there’s something to celebrate! The wireless Lampie-on is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so nothing beats this charming lamp when it comes to decorating rooms, gardens, pools and parties.

    The Lampie-On Deluxe comes with shiny copper-coloured details and three fairylike sleeves to set off your 1001-nights setting.

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    • 5.3 x 12.6 in / 13.5 x 32 cm
    • 0.8 lbs / 0.3 kg
    • Li-polymer / 3.7 V
    • Outdoor & Indoor
    • 100% brightness for 9 hours

    Outdoor lighting

    Light up your backyard or balcony