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    Non-Flying Carpet, it may not fly, but it looks awesome anyway.

    The ancient art of the kilim rug inspired the design of the Non-Flying Carpet, however this rug is far from traditional. Thanks to the Non-Flying Carpet’s iconic red buttons you can extend its size by joining it to a second, third or even fourth rug to create a wonderfully decorative patchwork carpet in the colours and patterns of your choice. The Non Flying Carpet’s vintage appeal comes in a range of prints and colors but has modern, down-to-earth features: an anti-slip layer underneath and a dirt-repellent finish which makes it great for indoors and outdoors.


    • Dimensions : 67 in x 52 in / 170 x 132 cm
    • Weight : 8 lbs / 4 kg
    • Material : Polyester & PVC bottom
    • Stuffing/filling : 6 mm foam
    • Coating : Water and dirt repellent
    • Washing instructions : Wipe clean with a moist cloth or water and soap