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    To master the fine art of relaxation.

    Pupillow Velvet belongs to a special indoor collection made of luxury velvet.

    The velvet fabric gives existing Fatboy items a delicatetouch by cloaking them in a new, smooth, plush covering. Whether it reminds you of powerful kings reigning from their cushioned thrones or glamorous Los Angeles interiors from the colourful seventies, the Velvet Collection inspires with the best in silky soft furniture. Velvet is a delicate fabric which reflects light and therefore it gives Pupillow a beautiful shimmer that lends a subtle nuance to every colour. Depending on the intensity and direction of the light, colours may appear lighter or darker, bringing a unique and vivid quality to this velvet pouf.

    Pupillow Velvet is specially designed for indoor use and with different elegant colours to choose from, there’s always a Pupillow Velvet that matches your interior.

    *Cushion sold separately.


    • 47.2 x 11.8 in / 120 x 30 cm
    • 23.4 lbs / 10.6 kg
    • High-quality polyester
    • Filled with polystyrene
    • Indoor

    Vevet by fatboy

    A new kind of class