Fatboy Sjopper-Kees
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees light grey
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees anthracite
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees red
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees dark blue
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees taupe
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees yellow ochre
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees pacific ocean
Fatboy Sjopper-Kees ruby red wine


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As you'd expect, Sjopper-Kees loves to shop, but this bag is more than a shopping buddy. Use it in and around the home: as a modern magazine basket, a quirky plant pot, or even a wine cooler.

The Sjopper-Kees is Fatboy's universal bag. It has a sleek appearance plus an entertaining message on the bottom! This is your go-to multi-functional bag of many uses. Use it indoors for holding your favorite stuff, take it to the pool or beach, use it as a cooler to ice down your favorite beverage, or take it out on the street for a shopping spree. This unique bag is made of super light weight and super strong EVA. It is easy to clean and can hold up to 22 pounds.

  • Carries up to 10kg
  • Made of EVA
  • Lightweight
  • Size: 21" x 7" x 17" / 53 x 17.5 x 43cm
  • Weight: 1.4lbs / 0.7kg
  • Clean with soap and water.
  • Use a hairdryer to remove light scratches. If the bag loses its shape, store the bag in its original shape (stuffed with paper to provide support).





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