9 products

9 products

Our Headdemocks are currently available at a discounted price for a limited time. Instead of sitting, why not indulge in the pleasure of hanging around? It's much more enjoyable to experience life in a horizontal position. So, take a moment to lay down and fully embrace the relaxing lifestyle of hammock living. Give in to the luxury of doing absolutely nothing.

Headdemock Deluxe

Introducing the Fatboy Headdemock Deluxe - a luxurious, spacious hammock that comfortably accommodates up to two people (or up to 150 kg). With this innovative hammock, you no longer need to rely on a rope and a tree. Say goodbye to outdated flaws, and welcome a carefree experience with the Headdemock's sturdy stand that allows you to hang exactly how you want. The large hammock is constructed from durable polyester, while the frame is made from a combination of metal and rubber. This masterpiece will provide you with years of enjoyment. Plus, the foldable design and matching carrying bag make it incredibly convenient to store at the end of summer.

Headdemock Superb

Why stand or sit when you can simply hang out? Embracing a horizontal lifestyle can be a lot more enjoyable, especially with the Headdemock Superb. You can lounge in this outdoor hammock all year round without the need for trees due to its sturdy steel frame. So go ahead and surrender to the lazy life, indulging in some much-needed relaxation. The Headdemock Superb is designed to withstand all weather conditions, allowing you to leave it outside in the sun or even through a rain shower. Its Olefin fabric is both stain and UV resistant, available in a variety of colors, so you can enjoy its aesthetic appeal regardless of the weather. Even if you accidentally make a mess or spill your drink, a quick wipe down will have you back to your favorite pastime of loafing around in no time.