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All products are designed with one goal: escaping the daily routine with an added smile.

Give joy.
Give Fatboy.

Chosen with care for your family, your friends or yourself with Fatboy.
Slim Teddy
Edison The Giant
Fatboy Original
Where it all began. The world’s best-known beanbag.

A lifestyle icon.
Practically indestructible.
Ultimately comfortable.

A decade on and the Original with its oversized Fatboy label has become a true icon of modern living. Sit, lie down or lounge your way with the Original beanbag.

Welcome to the world of Fatboy

Hey 👋, we're Fatboy. For more than twenty years, we've been showing the world that things can be done differently. Life's already full enough of things that have to be done, or that are supposed to be done. Forget the rules! As soon as you let go of the way things are, you can see all of the possibilities. The world is your oyster! A world where everyone is welcome. Where you choose your own path and where imagination rules. 

Design with a smile

At Fatboy, we create our own versions of old favourites for your home and garden. We translate the essence into iconic designs with a twist – and full of ingenuity. With every detail, we look for the fun in functionality. From the label on Edison the Petit to the buttons on the back of The BonBaron, everything has a function. And that takes months of designing, testing, and improving. We do this with our own design team and designers with the same vision as ours. Together, we work on new classics of the highest quality – all with the purpose to let people enjoy them for years and years to come.