Looking for a versatile outdoor lounge set? Look no further than Fatboy Paletti! Inspired by pallet frames, this set offers endless possibilities for customization and comfort. Relax, eat, drink, and soak up the sun in style.
The Fatboy Paletti four-seat modular outdoor living room set is inspired by pallets that can be easily assembled. That&
Upgrade your outdoor space with Fatboy Paletti. With a design inspired by pallet frames, this lounge set offers flexibility, comfort, and premium quality. Whether you&
A Fatboy Paletti outdoor lounge set, inspired by pallet frames, showcasing customizable modules for seating, eating, and relaxation. The set includes comfortable cushions and is ideal for enjoying various outdoor activities like dining, socializing, and sunbathing.
Versatile Fatboy Paletti outdoor lounge furniture, featuring a design inspired by wooden pallets. The set is adaptable for different configurations, perfect for relaxation, dining, and social gatherings in an outdoor setting, emphasizing comfort and style.
Unwind in style with the Fatboy Paletti outdoor lounge set. Choose the elements you need and create your perfect space - whether it&
Fatboy Canada Paletti, four seater outdoor sectional sofa, Technical Drawing and Size
The Paletti 4-seater sectional sofa is designed to harmonize with the active lifestyle of modern Canada, where every piece of furniture must combine flexibility and durability. Inspired by the functionality and versatility of pallets, this lounge is easily modularized to perfectly fit your personal outdoor space.
Adapted to the hectic pace of life in Canada today, the Paletti 4-seater sectional combines strength and adaptability. Each element of this lounge set is inspired by pallets for their utility and ability to transform, offering an easy solution for personalizing your outdoor space to suit your needs.
Fatboy Canada Paletti, four seater outdoor sectional sofa, sahara
Fatboy Canada Paletti, four seater outdoor sectional sofa, mist
Fatboy Canada Paletti, four seater outdoor sectional sofa, rock grey
Fatboy Canada Paletti, four seater outdoor sectional sofa, thunder grey
Fatboy Canada Paletti, four seater outdoor sectional sofa, storm blue
Paletti: Eco-conscious design with recycled materials, recyclable frame, surplus foam, UV/waterproof, rust-proof, for lasting outdoor serenity.
Eco-chic Paletti: Recycled, recyclable, surplus foam, UV-proof, waterproof cushions, rust-free steel, durable outdoor sophistication.
Paletti by Fatboy, modular lounge system with adjustable feet pad for uneven surfaces.
Fatboy Sahara Olefin Fabric
Fatboy Mist Olefin Fabric
Fatboy Rock Grey Olefin Fabric
Fatboy Thunder Grey Olefin Fabric
Fatboy Storm Blue Olefin Fabric

Paletti Outdoor Sofa - Sectional 4pc

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Revitalize your Canadian outdoor retreat with the Fatboy Paletti Sectional 4-Seater Sofa, a luxurious blend of functionality and style that promises to enhance your relaxation experiences. This outdoor lounge set, showcasing a premium multifunctional design, is crafted to deliver unparalleled comfort and adaptability, setting the scene for memorable gatherings or your cherished quiet moments under the open sky.

The Paletti Sectional 4-Seater is tailored to meet the dynamic lifestyle of contemporary Canada, where each piece must be as flexible as it is resilient. Drawing inspiration from the utility and versatility of pallets, this lounge set can be effortlessly joined to accommodate your unique outdoor space. Designed to withstand life's little accidents, the Paletti is effortless to maintain—simply wipe away spills or hose down for a fresh look in no time.

Despite its laid-back appearance, every aspect of the Paletti has been meticulously engineered. Its robust base frame, crafted from eco-friendly recyclable materials, and a corrosion-resistant steel backrest are built to last. The durable, water-resistant upholstery ensures your set maintains its aesthetic appeal, come rain or shine. And for those unexpected summer downpours or during the off-season, we've got you covered—literally—with a recommended protective Paletti cover.

The Paletti's resilience extends beyond its solid build to its fabric treatments—inside, a PVC coating, and outside, a water and dirt repellent coating, combined with high UV-grade resistance, preserve the beauty and functionality of the lounge set against the elements. Designed with dimensions to fit your life—280 cm by 190 cm by 90 cm, with a seat height of 46 cm—this sectional offers generous seating for friends and family.

Understanding the fluid nature of outdoor living, the Paletti Sectional is as convenient as it is comfortable. Whether you're moving to a new home or simply desire a change of scenery, the modular design ensures easy disassembly and reassembly, adapting seamlessly to your evolving needs. Sustainability is at the core of Paletti’s design—the sofa’s polypropylene base and Axalta fine texture powder-coated frame are not only durable but fully recyclable, embracing environmental responsibility.

Invest in a Paletti Sectional 4-Seater Sofa for your Canadian home and secure more than just outdoor furniture; you're committing to a lifetime of superior comfort, style, and adaptability. The Paletti isn't just a lounge set; it's a long-term relationship with the outdoors, promising year after year of enjoyable and stylish summers. Make Paletti the heart of your outdoor space and embrace the epitome of sustainable luxury and comfort.

  • Outdoor use
  • Olefin fabric
  • UV-resistant, stain-resistant
  • Modular lounge system
  • Outdoor sectional sofa units
  • All you need to know about Fatboy's fabrics
  • Oeko-tex Standard 100, know more
  • The Paletti Outdoor Sofa complies with the flammability standards set by the California Bureau of Household Goods and Services, as per Technical Bulletin 117-2013, know more
  • Size: 110" x 74.8" x 35.5" / 280 x 190 x 90cm
  • Seat height: 18" / 46cm
  • Weight: 262lbs / 119kg
  • For Paletti size guide overview, click here
  • Clean the surface by gently dabbing with a damp cloth or use a pressure spray.
  • Wash cover at 40°C. Wash inside out. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.
  • Please iron the outerbag on the lowest heath to activate the water repellent coating after washing.
  • Do not poke with sharp objects, this might cause the fabric to tear.
  • In case of rainfall, we recommend using the Paletti Cover. During the off-season, to store your Paletti under a roof, inside and on a dry floor or surface.
  • Assembly is required. You must follow the instructions included in the box.
  • Product colours may vary slightly from those shown on your display.
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    On special order only. Delivery estimate: 1 - 2 weeks.

    by Fatboy

    Modular Lounge System

    Your pallet outdoor lounge awaits

    The Paletti lounge set, which takes inspiration from a pallet base frame, provides you with the ultimate relaxation experience. You have the freedom to pick and choose the elements that you desire, creating your very own personalized pallet lounge set. Whether you prefer an intimate lounge sofa or a complete garden set, complete with a corner sofa, table, and chairs, the possibilities are endless. This multifunctional lounge set offers not only flexibility and comfort but also premium quality.

    Paletti utilizes recycled materials whenever possible to construct its modules, and the back cushions are filled with excess foam. The base frame contains recyclable plastic, and the rest of the lounge set is produced sustainably. From the UV-resistant and waterproof cushions, which are covered in durable olefin fabric, to the stainless backrest with premium powder coating, Paletti guarantees a luxurious lounge experience. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, we recommend using the Paletti Cover to protect your lounge set or, better yet, storing it under a roof and on a dry surface during the off-season. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort and versatility of the Paletti lounge set.

    Modular by design which therefore offers literally endless possibilities. Palettis design is inspired by transport pallets, and  like these Palettis bases are also stackable and easy to store when fall is around the corner.

    Paletti by Fatboy

    Years of use


    Modular for lounging

    Paletti's secret by Fatboy is in its modularity. Offering lots of place, this lounge concept gives a modular twist to enjoying the good life with more people than you might expect.
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