How to repair your own Fatboy bean bag?

It's easy to repair
your own bean bag

A hole or tear in your famous Fatboy bean bag? No worries; you can fix it yourself. On this page, you'll find out how. And, if that sounds like too much work, you can always take your bean bag to your local tailor.
A hole or tear in your Fatboy bean bag? No worries; you can fix it yourself with a self-adhesive patch.

With a Self-Adhesive Patch

Find a self-adhesive patch in a matching color. A patch is a fabric sticker with an adhesive layer on one side. Remove the inner bag from the cover and turn the cover inside-out. Cut the patch sticker to size and stick it over the tear. Turn the cover right side out again, put the inner bag back in, and your beanbag is ready to go! Note: choose a patch that doesn't require ironing. Not all our bean bag covers like irons.

This option is suitable for: Nylon, Stonewashed, Velvet & Teddy (note: not for the bean bag in Olefin or Acrylic)

A hole or tear in your Fatboy bean bag? No worries; you can fix it yourself with needle and thread.

With Needle & Thread

Are you handy with a needle and thread? Then this will definitely work. Your beanbag's sturdy fabric needs strong thread, so choose nylon or cotton thread. You will also need a large needle.

1. Thread the needle with a double strand of thread to sew your beanbag closed. This can be thread that matches your beanbag, or maybe a contrasting color. Or two different colors - whatever makes you happy!
2. Fold the damaged fabric edges about half a centimeter inwards to strengthen the edges and ensure that the thread doesn't pull away from the fabric.
3. Insert the needle from the inside of the cover through the fabric and then carefully sew the hole closed.
4. Finish up with a snug knot, and you're done!

This option is suitable for all Fatboy beanbags.

With a Fatboy Repair Kit

For all the bean bags in nylon, you can order a special repair kit from our shop. Choose the repair kit that matches the color of your bean bag. Clean the area around the tear. Cut out the patch from the kit to size. Now just glue the patch on the outside of your beanbag. It's that easy! The bean bag nylon doesn't have an inner bag, so we advise you not to open the bean bag to patch it from the inside... unless you want your house overrun by thousands of tiny little polystyrene balls, that is :)

This option is suitable for: Nylon.

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