29 products

29 products

For more than twenty years, we've been showing the world that things can be done differently. Life's already full enough of things that have to be done, or that are supposed to be done. Forget the rules! All products are designed with one goal: escaping the daily routine with an added smile. Sit, lie down or lounge your way with our bean bags. Fatboy is the best-known beanbag brand and the instigator of the one and only Original bean bag. The cult beanbag fits into any interior.

In your choice of bean bag and colour, choosing your favourite fabric can also be difficult and that's why we're here to help. But what makes one fabric different from another? To help you out, we've compiled a list of the main properties of all the different fibers.

Our bean bag story

Fatboy's story began in 2002 with an oversized bean bag. It soon became clear that the entire world wanted to sink down on this unexpected replacement for the chair. In homes, on terraces and at events - everywhere, we saw people sitting and hanging out on our products with big smiles. And that's why we do it. With a no-nonsense Dutch approach and an international team, we transform lots of homes, gardens, offices and parties into happier places, with our trusty classic: the bean bag. Lean back. Feel free. Life is your party.

Indoor and outdoor bean bags

You are ordering the bean bag of your dreams with Fatboy. You can find an extensive collection of beanbags here. Bean bags for both indoor and outdoor use (Olefin collection), beanbags for children or a seated cushion especially made for your dog. Each bean bag is stuffed by hand for maximum comfort. The fabric can be washed, are particularly durable and sure can take a beating. You can buy your favorite beanbag here, whether you want a nylon beanbag, velvet or cotton beanbag, or a smaller beanbag made from teddy bear fabric. You are assured of a high-quality bean bag at Fatboy. Choose the design here that suits you!

Strong, durable materials

If you're really serious about relaxing, then there’s really just one serious option: Fatboy Bean Bags, a design icon. In our warehouse in Montreal, Canada, we manually fill every bean bag. Our bean bags products want only one thing: to grow old with you. That's why we choose strong, durable materials. Materials that are water-resistant. Preferably recycled, or with a low environmental impact. Bean bags on which you can plop down, chill out and not worry about spills. Giving you many years of enjoyment from your bean bag. Which is exactly the intention.

Choose your bean bag online

Ordering a bean bag online at Fatboy is simple. Choose your ideal beanbag quickly from the large range of colors and fabrics. You have come to the right place at Fatboy whether you want a washable bean bag or a bean bag for outdoor use. You can easily make your choice here, from small beanbags to oversized beanbags. The bean bags can be used in various ways and are a real asset to every interior and backyard. The range of beanbags has expanded considerably over recent years from when Fatboy started out with the Original nylon bean bag.