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    Cool off in comfort.

    When temperatures are soaring, what could be more relaxing than chilling by the pool? Here’s the answer. You can now take it easy on the water as well as poolside on a Fatboy Floatzac. Welcome to the water lounge.

    The Floatzac water lounger gives you the best of both worlds: the familiar comfort of a Fatboy bean bag plus the refreshing sensation of being on and in the water.

    The Fatboy Floatzac is filled with quick-drying water-resistant pearls and features a strong mesh on the underside to allow water to drain out. It is available in a range of modern and chlorine-resistant colors. This is your new BFF (best floating friend) in the sunshine.

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    Filled in Canada Filled in Canada

    • 53 x 71 in / 140 x 180 cm
    • 14.3 lbs / 6.5 kg
    • Acrylic & Sunbrella
    • Filled with polystyrene
    • Water- and dirt repellent
    • Outdoor
    • Refill is possible

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