Fatboy beanbags are an attractive, comfortable and relaxing addition to any classroom and public space in educational settings, schools and libraries.

Create relaxing spaces with
Fatboy bean bags

Fatboy beanbags, an essential in schools, universities and libraries.

It is important for the educational community to provide comfortable and stimulating learning environments for its students.

Fatboy bean bags offer additional comfort to students during group activities, breaks or free time. In addition, they can be used for fun and creative activities, such as construction games or drawing activities, which can stimulate the imagination and creativity of students. Fatboy beanbags are also very flexible and can be moved and rearranged easily to fit different school needs, which can be beneficial for group activities or gym classes. Finally, beanbags can help create a more welcoming and comfortable learning environment, which can help increase motivation and participation among students and library users.


Our bean bags provide extra comfort for students during break times or group activities.


Fatboy beanbags can be used in a variety of situations, including as an extra seat, for lying down to read, for play activities, etc.


Our bean bags are made of strong and durable materials. Materials that can withstand life in schools and libraries. Preferably recycled or with a low impact on the environment.

Stimulation of creativity and collaboration

Fatboy bean bags allow students to set up in a variety of ways, which can help foster creativity and collaboration among students.

Improving the atmosphere of the classroom

Our colorful and attractive beanbags can add a touch of color and interest to the classroom or open space, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Alternative seating options

Beanbags can provide a flexible alternative to traditional seating, which can help prevent monotony and stimulate student interest.

All the bean bags and ottomans complies with the flammability standards set by the California Bureau of Household Goods and Services, as per Technical Bulletin 117-2013 and contain no added flame retardant chemicals.


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