Keep your Paletti sofa protected from the unpredictable weather with the durable and attractive Paletti Cover. Available in one, two, and three seat versions.
Extend the life of your Paletti lounge sofa with the heavy-duty Paletti Cover. Stay dry and enjoy quality lounging even longer with this durable cover.
Protect your investment with the Paletti Cover - the perfect solution to keep your lounge sofa safe and dry from inclement weather. Choose from one, two, and three seat versions and enjoy quality lounging for years to come.

Paletti Cover

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Fatboy makes lounging attractive but, unfortunately, has no influence on the weather forecast. And, while rain may be good for the trees and plants, you'll want to keep your garden furniture dry.

Give your Paletti lounge sofa the protection it deserves. With the Paletti Cover you have exactly what you need to keep your Paletti safe and dry, protected from the effects of inclement weather. This way you can enjoy its quality even longer. The Paletti Cover is heavy, attractive, and durable. The Cover is available in one, two and three seat versions.

  • Water- and dirt repellent
  • Lightweight
  • Bird proof


      by Fatboy

      Relaxing, eating, drinking, tanning: everything is possible with the Paletti lounge set, inspired by a pallet base frame. With this multifunctional lounge set, you'll know one thing for sure: everything's paletti. In addition to flexibility and comfort, Paletti offers premium quality. The modules are made with recycled materials as much as possible.

      The Paletti outdoor coffee table might appear relaxed, but it’s been thoroughly thought through. The robust frame is partially made from recycled materials.

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