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Retouch Pen
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For scratches on Toní products.

Oops...a scratch. On your beloved Toní Fatboy item, of all things. Fatboy understands that although you cherish your outdoor furniture, accidents can easily happen. The Retouch Pen helps and makes small scratches that belong to the past. A handy marker, available in all Toní colors. Simply touch the scratch with the marker point and your Fatboy item looks like it has just been unboxed - again.

Is suitable for neatly removing smaller scratches that do not show any form of rust.

Recommendations for use: after opening, the product expires in two months - ensure area is dry and free from dust and grease - shake pen for 10-20 seconds - apply paint gently on the damaged area - let dry 24 hours before use.


  • Solvent-based paint
  • Suitable for all Toní products