Protect your Fatboy Original bean bag with the eco-friendly Cover Up. Made from recycled PET bottles, this waterproof and UV-resistant cover keeps your beanbag clean and protected against the elements.
Enjoy your Fatboy Original beanbag outdoors with confidence thanks to The Cover Up. This durable and waterproof cover is designed to fit every Fatboy beanbag, protecting it from dirt and weather damage.
Upgrade your outdoor beanbag game with The Cover Up. This specially designed cover is UV-resistant, waterproof, and made from recycled PET bottles, making it the perfect sustainable solution for protecting your Fatboy Original bean bag.
When you are not using the Fatboy Cover-Up, you can store this cover in its own storage bag. A bag, for the bag, for your bean bag. The loop is now really closed.

The Bean Bag Cover-up

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Protect your cherished lounging companion with The Cover-Up by Fatboy, the ultimate bean bag cover crafted to preserve the pristine condition of your Fatboy Original—and all other Fatboy beanbags—amid Canada's unpredictable weather. Savour the longevity of your stylish seating without the worry of rain, UV rays, or even the occasional bird mishap. This protective cover ensures that your bean bag remains an eye-catching feature in your home, extending its life and maintaining its appearance.

The Cover-Up isn't just a shield against the elements; it's a testament to sustainability, ingeniously fashioned from recycled PET bottles. Boasting robustness in its waterproof and UV-resistant black fabric, this cover embodies resilience and environmental responsibility. Its convenience shines through with the effortless roll-and-lock system, guaranteeing a tight seal that leaves no room for the elements to penetrate.

When the Canadian sun graces your garden or balcony, simply store The Cover-Up in its dedicated storage bag, ensuring your space remains uncluttered and your cover is ready for when the skies turn. Designed to repel water and dirt with its superior PVC coating, this cover doesn't just protect; it actively repels the challenges outdoor furniture faces, from bird droppings to dust and spills.

Even with The Cover-Up's impressive outdoor proofing, we recommend additional care for those longer Canadian winters or during prolonged periods of disuse. Store your covered bean bag indoors or under shelter, placed on a dry surface to prevent moisture buildup and mold, thereby securing your bean bag's luxury and comfort for years to come.

Opt for The Cover-Up and give your Fatboy bean bag the protection it deserves—ensuring that your relaxation spot, whether indoor or outdoor, remains unspoiled and inviting, day after day. With Fatboy's smart design, lounging in style comes with the peace of mind that your bean bag is shielded, come rain or shine, or the unexpected surprises nature might have in store.

  • Made of 100% recycled polyester
  • UV resistant, lightweight
  • Water- and dirt repellent
  • Bird proof
  • The cover is not reversible.
  • Make sure the beanbag is dry before to place it in The Cover-up.
  • Store your outdoor furniture in a cool dry place during the off-season. Allow air to ventilate, to avoid moisture and mould.
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