Camping Bakkum (Netherlands)

Camping Bakkum in Castricum, Netherlands, has recently enriched its outdoor and communal areas with Edison the Petit lighting and the Attackle bench from Fatboy, blending functionality with a playful touch. This addition enhances the camping experience, aligning perfectly with the site's commitment to providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment for its guests.

The Edison the Petit lamps by Fatboy offer a portable and versatile lighting solution, perfect for outdoor camping settings. These lamps provide a soft, ambient light, ideal for evening gatherings or night-time reading. Their cordless design and durable construction make them suitable for various outdoor conditions, adding a practical yet stylish element to the camping experience.

Complementing the lighting are the Attackle benches, a fun and quirky addition from Fatboy. These benches are not only eye-catching and unique but also provide a comfortable seating option for guests. The Attackle's playful design adds a sense of whimsy to the campsite, making it a memorable and enjoyable place for visitors of all ages.

The integration of Edison the Petit lighting and the Attackle bench into Camping Bakkum's setup reflects the campsite's dedication to creating an inviting atmosphere that combines practical amenities with a touch of fun. This thoughtful addition ensures that guests have both the necessary comforts and an element of playful charm during their stay, enhancing their overall camping experience in Castricum.

Camping Bakkum, Netherlands