Hotel Mama Shelter (France)

Mama Shelter Hotel in France, known for its trendy and eclectic atmosphere, has recently introduced a range of playful and comfortable products from Fatboy to enhance the guest experience. This addition aligns perfectly with the hotel's reputation for offering a unique and vibrant environment.

Among the new additions are Fatboy's iconic beanbags and ottomans, which offer a fun and casual seating option for guests. These pieces are not just about comfort; they also add a pop of whimsy and color to the hotel's interiors and outdoor spaces, reflecting Mama Shelter's commitment to creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

The Edison the Petit lamp by Fatboy is another stylish inclusion. This portable and rechargeable lamp provides a cozy, ambient light, perfect for creating a relaxed and intimate setting in the rooms or communal areas. Its versatility and sleek design make it a great fit for Mama Shelter's modern aesthetic.

Adding to the comfort are Fatboy's velvet cushions, designed to provide guests with an extra layer of comfort and style. These cushions come in various colors and patterns, allowing for a customizable and vibrant look that complements the hotel's dynamic decor.

Lastly, the Attackle, a playful and eye-catching piece, offers both a fun decorative element and additional seating. Its unique design is sure to be a conversation starter and embodies the quirky and unconventional spirit of Mama Shelter.

The integration of these Fatboy products into Mama Shelter Hotel in France enhances the already distinctive character of the hotel. By choosing items that are both functional and stylish, Mama Shelter continues to stand out as a destination that offers its guests an experience that is both comfortable and creatively inspiring.

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Mama Shelter, Paris, France
Mama Shelter, Paris, France
Mama Shelter, Paris, France