4 products

4 products

Autumn signifies the embrace of new routines, transitioning from the freedom of a long summer to the structured return of work and school. It's a time to reestablish schedules while cherishing moments outdoors, strolling through falling leaves, and indulging in apple picking. The invigorating cool air ignites a sense of renewal with each day. As the seasons shift and draw us outdoors, it inspires a desire to rejuvenate our living spaces.

The most relaxing armchair

The BonBaron embodies the quintessential Fatboy signature, blending design with a playful spirit to create an inviting, bold, and comfortable lounge chair. Crafted to provide unparalleled comfort, this oversized soft seat promises a whole new level of seating experience, akin to sinking into a colossal, plush marshmallow – minus the stickiness.

Right on point

Point Large commands attention as an unexpected centerpiece in your interior. This generously sized pouf offers a surprisingly comfortable seating experience. Notably versatile, it's ever-ready for your snacks, beverages, guests, and, most crucially, a resting place for your feet. Whether it's a marathon TV session or late-night gatherings, Point Large is your go-to for endless entertainment and relaxation.